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nVision conversion issues

  In this post I would like to share the recent issues and workarounds we have gone through while upgrading to PeopleTools 8.53.  We had an issue with nVision client crashing when attempting to

PeopleSoft support for Web Browsers

          I recently read a very good post by Duncan Davis from Cedar about  PeopleSoft and Web Browsers – The Guide. This is a very important topic since vendors are

Oracle Community & Oracle Support Tips

Whenever I encounter a Production  issue with the system, the triage part comes first – whether it is critical or not, and if we had already encountered  it and have documentation. In case that

Alternate PeopleCode Reference

I noticed that the new hosted PeopleTools Peoplebooks do not have index functionality like the ones before that. I do use the reference often to look-up usage of various Built In Peoplecode functions, Class

Why use SQL Objects ?

Why is it good to use SQL objects in during your development process ? SQL objects are reusable pieces of code or entire programs if you like – you can embed calls to store