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Oracle OOW 2012

Dear readers, fellow bloggers, I have just registered to attend Oracle OpenWorld 2012 event. As always I am hoping to see many of you there and meet in person. Please let me know if

Oracle supports code sharing

It seems Oracle starts to promote code sharing through it venture with CollabNet. I have not seen much content related to PeopleSoft other than one-ff document about audit records. Let’s hope this will pick

PeopleSoft 9.1 and future Releases Roadmap

There is some additional information I wanted to share from the Quest conference. Here is a very pretty slide that outlines the roadmap for delivering PeopleSoft applications 9.1  from the presentation of Marc Weintraub,

QuestDirect Conference Notes

I have not had a chance to write anything earlier – had to catch up with my primary responsibilities at work. But now I would like to give a short overview of QuestDirect OUIG

Oracle’s Safari Online – Free Edition?

It seems that Oracle have caught on with the Virtual Documentation, not only lots of books are available in common formats, but they allow you to format your search results as a book as