Alternate PeopleCode Reference

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alternate peoplecode reference

alternate peoplecode reference

I noticed that the new hosted PeopleTools Peoplebooks do not have index functionality like the ones before that. I do use the reference often to look-up usage of various Built In Peoplecode functions, Class methods and properties.

So I went ahead and with help of jQuery and jQuery hightlight plugin constructed this Alternate PeopleCode Reference page based on existing PeopleTools 8.53 hosted peoplebooks in an attempt to streamline the ability to quickly search and get what you need from Oracle hosted PeopleBooks.

Currently included PeopleTools sections: :

  • Built In PeopleCode Functions
  • System Variables Reference
  • MetaSQL Reference
  • Row Class Reference
  • Record Class Reference
  • SQL Class Reference
  • Array Class Reference
  • Session Class Reference

I will attempt to add more as time allows. Let me know if you have any preference or suggestions.

I hope you find this useful.

I really want to know what you think