Oracle Keynote Sunday

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Sunday Keynote

Fujitsu Presentation @ Sunday Keynote

Crowd exiting the Keynote

Crowd exiting the Keynote

The first keynote of OOW 2012 is over. Lots of people – I believe more than last year – I did notice a lot less space available. Larry Ellison seems to follow a certain trend for the past few years. This year – again his signature turtleneck, jacket and of course “next slide please”. Hardware and software engineered to work together – isn’t this the Apple motto all along? Just a few words about the keynote:

  1. Fujitsu introduced new and powerful hardware that can crunch “big data” and help businesses with combining business data with social metrics, that seemed to be overshadowed by Exalogic X3.
  2. Larry L. introduced 1st in its class multi-tenant database, that should change how we think of the cloud and multi-tenancy when writing applications
  3. Introduced “private cloud” available on premises of the customer – hard concept to wrap my head around. We’ll have to see more of that explained – I hought this defeats he purpose

I really want to know what you think