Problems with Office 2007 documents opening as zip in Internet Explorer

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Recently we have encountered an issue where Office 2007 attachments. The upload worked just fine, but when someone would try to access the attachments in IE (very ironic) it would download as a zip (archive) file format. Microsoft started using OpenXML for all of the Office 2007 documents – essentially an archive that contains several xml files.

We guessed that problem was related to the MIME types not being recognized and after doing a quick search on Oracle Metalink we discovered this document

Problem : E-PC: Unable to view a Files of Office 2007 including DOCX file after upload

Part of this solution is updating the PIA web.xml with new MIME types supplied by Microsoft . But after doing so and restarting our WebSphere we still had a problem …

We tried and again in different environments and after awhile …

… still nothing.

After doing more online searching, elsewhere I encountered a post referencing having to add MIME types directly through WebSphere Admin console. And here are the rest of the instructions:

    1. Login to WAS Admin Console – http://your_server:9060/ibm/console/
    2. Go to Environment > Virtual Hosts > MIME Types

  1. Enter all your mime types there and restart the server

Hope this helps – let me know of you have any questions

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