PeopleSoft 9.1 and future Releases Roadmap

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There is some additional information I wanted to share from the Quest conference. Here is a very pretty slide that outlines the roadmap for delivering PeopleSoft applications 9.1  from the presentation of Marc Weintraub, Director, PeopleSoft Product Strategy and Development:


More good news are coming for those of us that are on release of 8.9+ . As part of enhancing customer upgrade experience Oracle will provide Automated One step Upgrade script to version 9.1. I am not sure how would this affect application customizations, but still sounds good:


Another nifty tool that allows you to quickly grab and review the new features in the release you are trying to upgrade to – Cumulative Feature Overview Tool. It is basically a spreadsheet that allows you to this information quickly and efficiently:


So if I have General Ledger 8.8 and trying to upgrade to 9.0 you would see something like the screenshots below. Also, release 9.1 is not currently included because it has not been released yet. The report is very high level but would save you some time trying to prepare the Upgrade project presentation.



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