Notepad++ for Peoplecode and SQR

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There are a few people who mention different tools for Application Development in PeopleSoft. Over the past years I have tried many of the IDEs like TextPad, UltraEdit. For the past 6 months I have started extensively using Notepad++ and I absolutely love it. Unfortunately App Designer does not include a good syntax highlighting, Intellisense and other features that have been long implemented in other IDEs like Visual Studio, JBuilder, Eclipse. It seems that so far Notpad++ developers did a great job with developing enough options that the tool could be easily configured to support multiple languages, specifically SQR and PeopleCode. I have started by downloading initial syntax color scheme files from (they are always on the forefront of PeopleSoft development). Then, I have played with options a little and voila – I finally have an IDE that makes it all easier – syntax highlighting, IntelliSense (I wish it could access AppDesigner API too). Below I would like to provide a 5 minute guide to configuring NOTEPAD++ for use:

  1. Download Notepad++ from
  2. After install go to Settings and remove all languages that you are not using:

image image

3. Download PeopleCode and SQR syntax and Intellisense files below

a) Paste Intellisense File below

into C:\Program Files\Notepad++\plugins\APIs\

and %appdata%\Notepad++\plugins

b) Paste PeopleCode and SQR Syntax files attached below into %appdata%\Notepad++\

Download File – PeopleCode SQR Syntax Files

c) Close and restart Notepad++


4. Configure Notpad++ to recognize sqr and peoplecode by following the instructions below:



Choose the desired language e.g. Peoplecode or SQR and change the color scheme to the way you like it. For PeopleCode I suggest specifying rem and  remark in the comments & Number section. For the slash comments to work properly  / /  – we need to specify them in the Operators section (screenshot), because for some reason PeopleCode has more that 2 types of comments :

/+ your comment +/

/* your comment */

rem your comment

remark your comment

notepad comments configuration


In order to enable Autocompletion (IntelliSense) you need to go to Settings → Backup\Auto-Complete tab

Enable → “Enable auto-completion on each input”
Select → “Word Completion”
Enable → “Function parameters hint on input”

Please Note for Notepad 6.8+ (These intrusions were kindly contributed by Ganesh P.):

For Notepad++ 6.8.* please use the following instructions for install installing the syntax files.

1. Go to Language > User Defined Language > Click on Import Button > Import the Peoplecode and SQR downloaded files from the links given by Yury.
2. Go to Language > User Defined Language > Check if the import is successful by clicking User Language drop box. If it is successful you can see your language in the drop-down box.
3. Again go back to Language >  and below you can see newly imported languages.

4. Select the language and it is done.

No need to restart the Notepad++ you can see the changes immediately


Enjoy ! In my next post I will explain how Notepad++ can be effectively used for looking at PeopleCode Trace files.

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