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PeopleTools Objects Analysis SQL

Problem: Need to review all objects for a particular project, including descriptions and status:

Purging lots of data in UDB

Problem: Need to delete 2-3 million rows from a table in UDB. Attempting to use one statement causes table locks and heavy log usage.

SQL for Retrieving Portal, Security, Record and Navigation

SELECT DISTINCT ltrim (rtrim (a.classid)) AS classid, ltrim (rtrim (b.menuname)) AS menuname, ltrim (rtrim (b.barname)) AS barname, ltrim (rtrim (b.baritemname)) AS baritemname, ltrim(rtrim(d.pnlname)) AS pnlname, ltrim (rtrim (d.itemlabel)) AS itemlabel, ltrim (rtrim (e.itemlabel)) AS

Getting Information about PeopleSoft Components from Database

SQLs below have proved to be great while working behind the scenes and creating report about PeopleSoft customizations. These are quick ways to get behind the scenes and see the objects the way PeopleSoft

Deleting a lot of rows fast

Need to delete millions of rows from a table fast? Here is how you can do this: 1: ALTER TABLE table_name ACTIVATE NOT LOGGED INITIALLY; --disable logging 2: DELETE FROM table_name WHERE ....; 3: