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PeopleTools Gottchas

As I was working on the Peoplesoft upgrade project I have noticed that some of the developers were still using App. Designer Compare reports as a sole means to comparing the code and components

PeopleSoft & Tools Roadmap – Part II – Releases

PeopleTools & Application Releases Oracle will try to release once a year Tools updates called – “Feature Packs”. I would like to talk in more detail about this because it affects upgrade strategy and

PeopleSoft & Tools Roadmap – Part I – Feature Highlights

Here is a brief overview of my take on what is coming for PeopleSoft and Tools in the next several years. In the first part I would like to talk about what I would

Process Scheduler Tracing and Troubleshooting

Straight from Oracle – here is a new guide for troubleshooting and tracing different processes. It also include updates for XML Publisher and Crystal reports. Enjoy!

QuestDirect Conference Notes

I have not had a chance to write anything earlier – had to catch up with my primary responsibilities at work. But now I would like to give a short overview of QuestDirect OUIG