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Notepad++ for Peoplecode and SQR

There are a few people who mention different tools for Application Development in PeopleSoft. Over the past years I have tried many of the IDEs like TextPad, UltraEdit. For the past 6 months I

SQL for Retrieving Portal, Security, Record and Navigation

SELECT DISTINCT ltrim (rtrim (a.classid)) AS classid, ltrim (rtrim (b.menuname)) AS menuname, ltrim (rtrim (b.barname)) AS barname, ltrim (rtrim (b.baritemname)) AS baritemname, ltrim(rtrim(d.pnlname)) AS pnlname, ltrim (rtrim (d.itemlabel)) AS itemlabel, ltrim (rtrim (e.itemlabel)) AS

Oracle’s Safari Online – Free Edition?

It seems that Oracle have caught on with the Virtual Documentation, not only lots of books are available in common formats, but they allow you to format your search results as a book as

nVision Performance Tuning

As many PeopleSoft developers and managers I have suffered through my share of nVision Tuning efforts and until very recent we could not get our reports to run under 4 hours, until the recent

PeopleSoft Debugging Techniques – Part I (Batch)

I would like to briefly describe some of the PeopleSoft  debugging techniques that I have used and found invaluable during development batch and online programs. SQR Debugging Flag Description -S Choose Append Option on