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Oracle Public Cloud – The True Cloud?

    Wednesday keynote was for the major part about Oracle applications direction. Steve Miranda talked about Oracle having entire stack – hardware and software, and the fact that Oracle software will run better

PeopleSoft & Tools Roadmap – Part III – Oracle Product De-Support Strategy

I thought that it would be worthwhile to mention that Oracle has become more than ever aggressive towards partners and competitors alike. I would like to call this Oracle De-Support Strategy. Please keep the

PeopleSoft Security Logging

This question came up during the recent application security audit – how does PeopleSoft track user sign in attempts and locations. Aside from the obvious PSOPRDEFN table there is PSACCESSLOG – this table has

QuestDirect Conference Notes

I have not had a chance to write anything earlier – had to catch up with my primary responsibilities at work. But now I would like to give a short overview of QuestDirect OUIG

What Environment Am I in?

As I was going through some of the sessions on the QUEST NORTHEAST CONFERENCE I noticed on of the presenters mentioning customizing Test environments Main PeopleSoft CSS PSSTYLEDEF so that the users are always