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Menu & Component Navigation Quick Tip

I am used to using SQL to quickly find menu or component navigation that I need and recently discovered that the work was already done by Oracle. Starting 9.1 Find Object Navigation Utility is

PeopleSoft Troubleshooting Assistants are available on MOS

There are a few troubleshooting assistants now available for common issues in MOS. It was first brought to my attention by Mazen Kilani on LinkedIn. I just looked at the GL and it seemed

Verifying Oracle Certification Status and Logos

When researching additional training on Oracle site yesterday, I stumbled upon the CertView page where you can check and download your current certifications, Oracle Certified Logos and even sent the official email if someone

PeopleSoft DEMO Virtual Machine Templates are available

As advertised during this OOW all of the new PeopleSoft DEMO images are posted and available on the MOS, including instructions. Please follow the link to see more PeopleSoft Demo Images Home Page (Doc

New PeopleSoft Oracle Training Videos

Oracle has posted a bunch of video and other tutorials in to the new open repository online . The site contains a lot of material for pretty much all of the existing and new