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Notepad++ Function list for PeopleCode and SQR

  This is another enhancement for Notepad++ that allows to use Function List for looking up and browsing SQR or PeopleCode program. In conjunction with Syntax highlighting that I wrote about before,┬áthis really makes

Alternate PeopleCode Reference

I noticed that the new hosted PeopleTools Peoplebooks do not have index functionality like the ones before that. I do use the reference often to look-up usage of various Built In Peoplecode functions, Class

PeopleSoft Application Designer themeing

If you used IDEs like Eclipse, Aptana and Notepad++ – they all allow you you to install your own themes, customize color, layout , fonts etc. I recently read an article in ITWorld |

Using SmartNavigation for Trees

I discovered this option while we were performing PeopleSoft upgrade to version 9.1. This particular feature allows to browse tree-like structures within PeopleSoft using SmartNavigation Pages, or Breadcrumb-like in addition to the standard Tree

Notepad++ for Peoplecode and SQR

There are a few people who mention different tools for Application Development in PeopleSoft. Over the past years I have tried many of the IDEs like TextPad, UltraEdit. For the past 6 months I