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Formatting Pagelet Output

Problem: I recently had to create a few pagelets based on query output. One of the issues I have encountered was formatting of the output. For example, displaying currency fields and dates in the

Reports Pagelet – jQuery and IScripts

Problem: How to dynamically display the reports we have created the previous post using PostReport class to the user? Make it easy to access so that there is minimal training involved.  

Posting Files into Report Manager using PostReport Class

Problem: Have 2000 report files that need to be available in Report Manager. Reports need to be distributed to a custom role and to specific users that can be controlled by a specific user,

Creating PeopleSoft Portal Homepage – Part II – Using Queries

One of the things we have added to the portal was ePro approvals pagelet. This pagelet allows ePro users to see and action the items that they need to approve, as soon as they

Creating PeopleSoft Portal Homepage

Several months ago we had undergone Peoplesoft upgrade to 9.1. As I was going through the new features available in Tools 8.51 and applications, I realized that we should be putting a lot more