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Verifying Oracle Certification Status and Logos

When researching additional training on Oracle site yesterday, I stumbled upon the CertView page where you can check and download your current certifications, Oracle Certified Logos and even sent the official email if someone

PeopleSoft 9.1 and future Releases Roadmap

There is some additional information I wanted to share from the Quest conference. Here is a very pretty slide that outlines the roadmap for delivering PeopleSoft applications 9.1  from the presentation of Marc Weintraub,

Oracle’s Safari Online – Free Edition?

It seems that Oracle have caught on with the Virtual Documentation, not only lots of books are available in common formats, but they allow you to format your search results as a book as

Is Blogger Program Renewed for OpenWorld 2009 ?

If I had to choose a year for this program – this year would be it. Economy is doing so “great” that companies are saving on the electricity in halls, and not running all

Oracle and Social Media Networking

Oracle has become increasingly active with creating communities around its various software practices which includes PeopleSoft, Oracle Applications , JD Edwards and … other stuff Larry Ellison bought in the past 5 mins. Here