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PS Chrome & Firefox extension

A friend of mine Irina Frayberg has recently suggested I give a try to the following browser addin for Firefox and Chrome. I tried this and it is proven to be quite useful. Please

PeopleSoft support for Web Browsers

          I recently read a very good post by Duncan Davis from Cedar about  PeopleSoft and Web Browsers – The Guide. This is a very important topic since vendors are

Alternate PeopleCode Reference

I noticed that the new hosted PeopleTools Peoplebooks do not have index functionality like the ones before that. I do use the reference often to look-up usage of various Built In Peoplecode functions, Class

PeopleTools Objects Analysis SQL

Problem: Need to review all objects for a particular project, including descriptions and status:

Purging lots of data in UDB

Problem: Need to delete 2-3 million rows from a table in UDB. Attempting to use one statement causes table locks and heavy log usage.