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New PeopleSoft Oracle Training Videos

Oracle has posted a bunch of video and other tutorials in to the new open repository online . The site contains a lot of material for pretty much all of the existing and new

PeopleSoft Portal Link

Here is another useful link to PeopleSoft Applications portal that was created by Greg Parikh I found on MIPRO Consulting Website. It has a very 1999 look to it and does ask you to

TraceMagic New Version is available

Folks at Oracle have release a new version of TraceMagic utility. If you have not yet used this – you should. It is a wonderful tool for analyzing PeopleSoft trace files and really makes

PeopleTools 8.53 is GA

Some great news from PeopleSoft team at Oracle – PeopleTools 8.53 is finally GA. After speaking to the Tools developer team at the last conference it seemed like 8.53 will bring us lots of

OOW PeopleSoft Presence

I was pleasantly surprised to see the amount of attendees for PeopleSoft track. Although I was preregistered for the PeopleSoft Roadmap session, and I was late just a few minutes – I could not