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PeopleSoft Application Designer themeing

If you used IDEs like Eclipse, Aptana and Notepad++ – they all allow you you to install your own themes, customize color, layout , fonts etc. I recently read an article in ITWorld |

PeopleSoft troubleshooting Assistants

I recently noticed a bunch of Troubleshooting Assistants appear on MOS. A lot of common issues can be troubleshooted using the Wizard like interface. You just have to follow a few simple steps and

OpenWorld 2014 Registration & Call for Papers

Oracle OpenWorld 2014 Registration and call for papers is now open. It was another great \year for PeopleSoft and Oracle so the conference should be as interesting as ever before with a lot of

Menu & Component Navigation Quick Tip

I am used to using SQL to quickly find menu or component navigation that I need and recently discovered that the work was already done by Oracle. Starting 9.1 Find Object Navigation Utility is

Why use SQL Objects ?

Why is it good to use SQL objects in during your development process ? SQL objects are reusable pieces of code or entire programs if you like – you can embed calls to store