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PeopleTools Gottchas

As I was working on the Peoplesoft upgrade project I have noticed that some of the developers were still using App. Designer Compare reports as a sole means to comparing the code and components

What Environment Am I in?

As I was going through some of the sessions on the QUEST NORTHEAST CONFERENCE I noticed on of the presenters mentioning customizing Test environments Main PeopleSoft CSS PSSTYLEDEF so that the users are always

Oracle’s Safari Online – Free Edition?

It seems that Oracle have caught on with the Virtual Documentation, not only lots of books are available in common formats, but they allow you to format your search results as a book as

Introducing PSUnit – Automate Your Testing

It seems that PeopleSoft is really becoming object oriented – now it has it’s own automated unit testing  tool, like JUnit – this one is called PSUnit. I hope this one is as good

PeopleSoft Debugging Techniques – Part I (Batch)

I would like to briefly describe some of the PeopleSoft  debugging techniques that I have used and found invaluable during development batch and online programs. SQR Debugging Flag Description -S Choose Append Option on