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Recommendations for Dbflags parameter for DB2

Document 758657.1. We are currently one of the many environments that utilize UDB DB2 environment as our back-end. While browsing MOS I discovered this article about App. Server DBFlag Settings. I hope you find

Task Manager, System Monitor – best thing for DB2

One of my colleagues have introduced me to this utility and we had our DBAs install it on the system, and voila – you can see DB2 in works: it’s running snapshots online, you

DB2 Escape characters in queries

Recently I had to use escape characters in DB2 queries and after looking through documentation here is a simple way to do this. You can define you escape character using {escape '\'}   right

Deleting a lot of rows fast

Need to delete millions of rows from a table fast? Here is how you can do this: 1: ALTER TABLE table_name ACTIVATE NOT LOGGED INITIALLY; --disable logging 2: DELETE FROM table_name WHERE ....; 3:

DB2 Space Management

Here are some very useful utility SQLs that will allow you to understand your space usage, system and other useful stuff: DB2 Space Usage & Status 1: -- to find tablespace status, type ,