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PSChrome AddIn Screenshot

PSChrome AddIn

A friend of mine Irina Frayberg has recently suggested I give a try to the following browser addin for Firefox and Chrome. I tried this and it is proven to be quite useful. Please follow the link below to the author’s site – Shelby Melblan.

I really like the way author implemented the functionality – it adds a little toolbar right below the bread-crumbs that allows the access to all the functions of the addin.
It I think this can really streamline some of the tasks for developers and functional analysts.
There are quite a few useful options:

• Process Monitor – enables auto-referesh for the page ( you can manually configure the frequency )
• 1-click CTRL-J information – let’s you quickly access the Page/Component and all of the Record and Fields on the page
• PIA visualization and Favorites enhancements
• Timeout Evasion – helps you avoid session timeout and clicking on Time Out popup

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