Why use SQL Objects ?

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sql object app designer

sql object app designer

Why is it good to use SQL objects in during your development process ? SQL objects are reusable pieces of code or entire programs if you like – you can embed calls to store procedures, Meta-SQL etc. One of key benefits is re-usability – if you are using the same SQL in several places and then later you need to change a where clause, delete or add new fields – you can do it all in one place instead of modifying multiple programs. This is especially useful if you are using those in PeopleCode when you trying to identify all the places of potential impacts – all you need to do is Find Dentition References.


Although SQL objects provide the above advantages, you may want to stick with SQLExec and inline SQL statements in case you really need performance – and milliseconds count. Under the hood PeopleTools still need to go and get the SQL text from the database prior to executing. A good example of the place not to use this would SignOn PeopleCode

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