Creating PeopleSoft Portal Homepage – Part II – Using Queries

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ePro Approvals

One of the things we have added to the portal was ePro approvals pagelet. This pagelet allows ePro users to see and action the items that they need to approve, as soon as they sign on to PeopleSoft. Combined with a single-signon solution we utilize – this really provides a great experience.

How did we build it?


  1. Created a query that produces the results based on the user signed in
  2. Created a pagelet based on the query
  3. Added links to the pagelet fields to route to Approval Page based on the Requisition keys (Business Unit, Requisition ID)

Please see more detailed instructions on how to create the pagelet and links.

Pagelet Wizard Step 1
Pagelet Wizard Step 2


Pagelet Wizard Step 3
Pagelet Wizard Step 4Pagelet Wizard Step 5Pagelet Wizard Step 6
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