Creating PeopleSoft Portal Homepage

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Navigation Pagelet

Several months ago we had undergone Peoplesoft upgrade to 9.1. As I was going through the new features available in Tools 8.51 and applications, I realized that we should be putting a lot more on the fron page and making it a lot more actionable, dynamic and pretty.

One of the first things I added was the Navigation Links Pagelet that allows users to quickly access most used functions in the system. And the credit for this goes to Jim Marion and his accordion collection.

I made only 2 changes:

  1. In IE there was a slight jerk when opening the accordion panels, so I changed the animation
  2. I wanted to show the first tab as expanded

The images we used for icons are all delivered in PeopleSoft. It was a matter of creating a navigation collection and assigning them to the links. Then, I used the collection as a source for navigation pagelet you can see below.

Then we wanted to add some other actionable items to the portal, i.e. approvals and reporting pagelet:

Full Portal View

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  2. Iouri "Yury" Chadour |

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