PeopleTools – the next version

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Almost all of the technical PeopleSoft sessions at OpenWorld were using PeopleTools 8.52 which in not GA yet. I was pleasantly surprised that Oracle showed commitment to PeopleSoft platform and desire to develop not only the PeopleTools but also enhance the product offering by providing more integrations and run-times of the other products that Oracle owns, for example Oracle SES Search will replace Verity in the next version PeopleTools and will also provide enhanced search capability throughout the application. Here is a sneak peek of the new stuff:

  • Pivot Grids – interactive analytics based on the query
  • Related Content/Actions – additional action in the context of current transaction without leaving the current page
  • Application Search / Component Search (SES) – navigate to transactions, items in the catalog and whatever else you have indexed
  • Pagelet Improvements – Enhanced ability to drill, edit fields in the pagelets
  • Modal Windows – removed limitations intorduced in 8.51, more widely used in Applications 9.2
  • InterWindows communications are intorduced
  • Application Designer–  (finally) drilling into Application Classes/Packages, Find Definition references for Application Classes

It seems that there are more good news across the Oracle products – in order to gain competetive advantage we should be seen more and more products being better integrated and even some of them being offered for free within a product you already own. Fusion Apps for example utilize Hyperion Analytics for grids. Of course those “free” components will have just a run-time license.

For full overview of the new features coming out in 8.52  you can download the PeopleTools Highlights session presentation from the OpenWorld Site

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