Oracle Keynote – Tuesday

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Oracle Exalytics Business Intelligence Machine

This was so far the shortest keynote by Oracle.

Mike Hurd took another couple of jabs at IBM hardware and P-series, those were actually called “IBM Mainfraimes”,  and showed a couple of clips with Larry Ellison, but there were not much change from Larry Ellison’s presentation yesterday with the exception of:

  • Oracle license sales has increased 20%  this year
  • Exadata and SPARC machines are optimized to run Java, and according to Larry run java faster than IBM 7 series

But overall I get a feeling that Oracle tries to model their enterprise hardware/software strategy after Apple’s. As we all know Apple follows this model to a tee – software is optimized to run perfectly on it hardware. Larry Ellison is on the path of creating the Apple in the enterprise hardware market, the motto is -  Oracle software is optimized to run on Oracle hardware.

Oracle will continue to support other platforms, but the repeating message is – applications, middleware , databases will have more features on Oracle hardware.

And as we all know Mac Pro of Oracle is called Exadata and all of the middleware is called … surprise – ExaBusinesslogic and ExaAnalytics

I really want to know what you think