PeopleSoft & Tools Roadmap – Part I – Feature Highlights

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Here is a brief overview of my take on what is coming for PeopleSoft and Tools in the next several years.

In the first part I would like to talk about what I would call “quick hits” – items that requires little explanation but you should look-up those for further details in either PeopleBooks or other resources. In the second part of the RoadMap post I would like to talk about other items that I believe require more explanation and I would love to hear more feedback on from all who reads my blog, and as you all know I always appreciate you questions and comments.

PeopleTools – New Features

  1. PeopleTools 8.51 is released and has some new features that I will talk about in a separate post
  2. Concentration on better Integration with existing products to maximize value – Hyperion, Fusion, GRC and SaaS solutions
  3. Embedded application help – AJAX driven help pop-ups on different component, can be customized by making your own entries in PeopleBooks
  4. Smart Navigation includes – Persistent Search Results, Related Actions, Hierarchical Navigation
  5. Work Center FrameWork – UI improvement that allows for better work management: dynamically displays pending user work as it comes all in one place. This feature emphasizes productivity and allows for better work tracking.
  6. Financial Close – process based, gant charts, graphs , status pages – complements work to people
  7. Partial Page Refreshes – allow for less traffic and faster page rendering of the components
  8. Use of modal dialogs – concentration on bringing work to users instead of making users navigate to processes
  9. Collaboration – Instant Messaging, Integration with Email, Rich Text Editor
  10. RSS Feeds Results enabled in Query, Portal Content and Integration Broker Web Services
  11. Dashboards – nice and pretty dashboards are available for multiple components
  12. PeopleSoft Test Framework and Usage Monitor
    • Test cases and data are Peopletoold metadata objects
    • Integrated with usage reporting
    • Allows to record and maintain system test scripts
  13. GRC solution – analyst driven, identified risk based transactions
  14. Support for 64 bit AIX and Windows platforms
  15. Support for SFTP

Note: that part of Oracle’s aggressive strategy of optimizing their products for their platforms  there will be additional tuning option for Oracle db and other oracle products.

Please see a screen-shot from Oracle Presentation that  has a more complete list of features. If you would like to see larger image please use open the image below in New Tab or new Window:

Tools 850 Enhancements

Tools 850 Enhancements

I really want to know what you think