PeopleSoft & Tools Roadmap – Part II – Releases

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PeopleTools & Application Releases

Oracle will try to release once a year Tools updates called – “Feature Packs”. I would like to talk in more detail about this because it affects upgrade strategy and resource planning.

  • Each PeopleTools version will be patched until 12 months after the NEXT version is released
  • Critical Updates (CPU’s) will be produced for 12 months beyond that

Oracle recommends upgrading Tools on an annual basis to keep in sync with releases. Some people who usually upgrade to get significant features or to resolve problems, would find this annoying and resource consuming. For those folks there is  Alternate Strategy – Skip One:

  • Upgrade prior to end of patch support (every 2 years)

Oracle will make major application releases approximately every 3 years.

For better of for worse – the above allows to do better planning of the resources on IT and business side. I just hope Oracle will actually keep this schedule.

Please see the screenshots from the relevant Oracle presentation slides below:

PeopleSoft Patch Support

PeopleSoft Patch Support

Peopletools Alternate Upgrade Strategy

Peopletools Alternate Upgrade Strategy - Skip One

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