QuestDirect Conference Notes

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I have not had a chance to write anything earlier – had to catch up with my primary responsibilities at work. But now I would like to give a short overview of QuestDirect OUIG Conference that I had a chance to attend.

I would like to start from the end and the good news for all Oracle PeopleSoft application users – Oracle plans to maintain PeopleSoft application for some time even though there are plans to try and come up with mysterious Fusion Applications, but no one knows when, where or what modules would Oracle to start with.

Because Oracle does not seem to be a able to eliminate all of the product lines it has acquired over the years – the long term strategy is to keep the products but heavily invest into integration solutions – Fusion Middleware – and expand the suite of included product and toolsets.

Crystal Reports – currently part of the PeopleSoft , was recently purchased by rival SAP, will still be supported,  but if you would like to have less problems with upgrades and next version you should try and use XML Publisher.

PeopleTools 8.50 – the official “not written” word is 3rd quarter of 2009 and I really hope this is true, because after seeing the new suite in action,as in presentation in my earlier posts, we’ve been all waiting to get our hands on and give it a try. Just a quick note – as long as you are on version 8.4+ you should be able to upgrade to new tools to utilize the latest and greatest of the new platform – new sleek look, AJAX , partial page refreshes and new integrations.

All of the further slides I am including are borrowed from the presentation by Tom Vassallo.

Here is a diagram that outlines the Application compatibility and Tools Releases:


Furthermore , folks at Oracle PeopleSoft added some cool features like iPhone apps for Expenses:


Remember there was this great BI product Hyperion Essbase, oh sorry – Oracle System 11. Well the good news for all of us that are using these tools, according to the new strategy – “unite and conquer” – Oracle is throwing some free features with Tools:


The icing on this cake are ability to integrate with social networking, RSS feeds:


To stay with current trend Oracle is also starting to add SaaS solutions for all of the lines of products. I am sure we’ll see more of those appear soon.

To finish this post here is the official roadmap for PeopleTools and Application 9.1


I really want to know what you think